Venice glass mosaics design production installation of venice murano glass mosaics

Mosaici Donà produces venice glass mosiacs 

Mosaic belongs to decorative arts. Making mosaic is to make picture by joining together small pieces of stone, glass, glazed tiles etc. The mosaic was used in ancient times - there beautiful mosaic decorations can be found throughout the countries of the Roman Empire, in domestic and public spaces. The art of mosaic flourished in Early Christian and in Byzantine art - churches in Daphni (Greece) and in Ravenna (Italy) are the best examples. During eleventh and twelfth centuries mosaic decoration ornate the churches of Venice, Greece, Sicily and Rome. After a period of decline mosaic was rediscovered by the the Art Nouveau artists in the nineteen century.

Mosaic - the artistic and expressive medium in it's own right - has the immense decorative potential. It can be applied for the encrustation of the interior or the facade of the building, it can be used as the functional flooring or ceiling cover.

Mosaici Donà have a production of smalti and golds for mosaics, transparent glasses (Murano - Venice). Artistic and decorative venice glass mosaics realization.

What is venice glass mosaic of Mosaici Donà

In the furnace the manufacturing methods have not changed. In ancient times the tesserae were made up of natural and raw materials and therefore were not pure. The surface of the venice glass fragments thus had very uneven points which contributed to the desired effect of scattering light. The modern industrial compounds used in glass production are extremely pure. Thus obtaining even minimal variations suitable for Byzantine-type textures becomes very difficult. Only a highly skilled master glassmaker can achieve the required results by working with special colour mixtures.

Donà Stefano, the owner of the firm Mosaici Donà Murano continues the family tradition (3rd generation) in smalti and golds for artistic mosaics and venice glass mosaics production.

The company that has a sole seat in Murano Venice, the island famous for artistic glass, produces and sells directly its products all over the world.
Mosaici Donà Murano can produce all kind of glass (opaque and transparent) in a vast range of shades.

are some caracteristics that make unique this company.

Donà is specialized in mosaics made with the Venice glass of Murano: