Murano glass mosaics italian glass mosaics produced in murano venice

Mosaici Donà leader in Murano glass mosaics production

Mosaici Donà focused on producing glass tiles for repairing the ubiquitous old mosaics of Venice and creating new ones, with sophisticated glassmaking techniques from Murano traditions.
Donà's mosaic glass production met with the success that he had anticipated, but his greatest innovation lay in the insights that he brought for marketing Murano glassware through new distribution channels: web and online sell all over the world.
The company that has a sole seat in Murano, the island famous for artistic glass, produces and sells directly its products all over the world.
Mosaici Donà Murano can produce all kind of glass (opaque and transparent) in a vast range of shades.

are some caracteristics that make unique this company.

Donà Stefano, the owner of the firm Mosaici Donà Murano continues the family tradition (3rd generation) in smalti and golds for artistic mosaics production.

Different type of murano glass mosaics


We now have assortments of tiny glass mosaic tile. These tiny glass mosaic tiles are 3/8" which reduces your need to cut them. Each one pound bag contains about 640 tiles. Click here for tiny glass mosaic tiles.


Like many artists, you have probably used vitreous glass mosaic tile, but have always wanted to try other types of mosaic glass. Now you can, at a price you can afford. For a more sophisticated look, try our swirled glass mosaic tiles or our metallic glass mosaic tiles. The metallics have glittering copper dust marbled throughout, and the effect is stunning. Equally impressive are our iridescent glass mosaic tiles. These Italian tiles are some of the finest murano glass made, and the pictures speak for themselves.


Byzantine glass mosaic tile or smalti is the type of opaque glass tile used in Byzantine mosaics in the interiors of European churches. Smalti isn't molded into uniform shapes like modern glass mosaic tiles, but it cuts just as easily. Smalti is mixed according to traditional recipes and cut by hand for natural variations in size, shape, color and thickness. Many of the mosaics at the gallery were made with our smalti. Try smalti if you are looking for that little something extra. Perfect for mosaics with a medieval or renaissance look.


Millefiori has been made by glass craftsmen in Murano, Italy since the 15th century. Our millefiori assortment looks like mixed candy and includes many different patterns and colors. Use millefiori as accents in mosaic sculptures and vases or as tiles in pictorial mosaics. Millefiori always catches the eye.