Mosaics tesserae all the italian mosaics tesserae with different cut, murano glass and shadows

Mosaici Donà produces all the mosaics tesserae with different cut, glass and shadows

The company that has a sole seat in Murano, the island famous for artistic glass, produces and sells directly its mosaic tesserae and artistic mosaics all over the world.
Mosaici Donà Murano can produce the mosaics tesserae in all kind of glass (opaque and transparent) in a vast range of shades.

The colours of the mosaics tesserae present in the standard sample-book are available in our store.
On order, besides, we make any other colour according time, price and quantity

The tesserae are available in the following CUTS :

Little Glossary of mosaic and mosaic tesserae

Andamento: The general flow of a mosaic, which is determined by the direction of the tesserae and the grout lines.

Direct Method: The process of adhering tesserae face up directly onto a base to create a mosaic.

Fixative: Any adhesive or glue used to adhere mosaic tesserae onto a surface.

Joint: The space left between tesserae that is subsequently filled with grout.

Laying: To lay is to put the individual tiles or tesserae of a mosaic into place.

Micromosaic: A mosaic made from very tiny pieces of tesserae.

Nippers: A hinged cutting tool for cutting tesserae.

Tesserae: Latin for the basic units the make up a mosaic. The word tessera literally means cube, it can be applied to any type of mosaic making material, from square glass to irregular pieces of broken pottery.