Mosaic smalti production of mosaic italian smalti with venice murano glass

Mosaici Donà production of mosaic smalti

Mosaici Donà offer to you the finest authentic traditional smalti and mosaic gold  available in the world today.  From three generation Donà smalti is handcrafted in the Donà family villa in Murano Venice, Italy using the same ancient techniques and traditions passed down through the generations.

Donà Stefano, the owner of the firm Mosaici Donà Murano continues the family tradition (3rd generation) in smalti and golds for artistic mosaics production.

Production of smalti and golds for mosaics, transparent glasses
Artistic and decorative mosaics realization
Tools for mosaic works

MOSAIC in any kind of covering and decoration of a surface made putting together little pieces (tesserae) of strong materials like natural stones, glass...

SMALTO is glass, usually opaque, used to realize mosaic works.

The company that has a sole seat in Murano, the island famous for artistic glass, produces and sells directly its products all over the world its smalti and mosaic gold.

Mosaici Donà Murano can produce all kind of glass (opaque and transparent) in a vast range of shades.

are some caracteristics that make unique this company.

Mosaici Donà all the type of mosaic smalti also Byzantine

Byzantine glass mosaic tile or smalti is the type of opaque glass tile used in classical Byzantine mosaics.  Smalti is not molded into uniform shapes like modern glass mosaic tile.  Smalti is made by mixing glass and various minerals according to traditional recipes and melting the mixture in a furnace.  The molten glass is then poured onto a slab for cooling, and then cut by hand into rectangular pieces.  The pieces are about 1/2 inch or smaller and they aren't perfect rectangles.  They vary in thickness, shape, size and color.  These natural variations in shape and color are exactly what make smalti the perfect mosaic material and allow the artist to create beautifully detailed images.  

There are many colors included in our smalti assortment:  flesh tones, earth tones, bright colors, etc.  Here are some facts about smalti or Byzantine mosaic glass: