Italian mosaics design create produce italian mosaics with venetian glass tiles of Murano

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Welcome to the Mosaici Donà web site, offering premium handcrafted Italian glass mosaic tiles (smalti) and classic stone tiles. We encourage contemporary design applications as well as the traditional styles used in Roman and Byzantine italian mosaics.
Mosaici Donà Murano, Venetian handcrafters of superior quality Italian glass mosaic smalti and gold tile. Stefano Donà uses the highest grade materials, giving his smalti brilliant color and high gloss. The 291 colors in the standard MDM smalti palette allow mosaicists to create works of exceptional beauty and detail. MDM smalti is durable and can be used indoors or out, on walls or floors. Please visit our on-line italian store to purchase mosaic smalti, gold leaf glass tile, and transparent glass tile. 

Mosaici Donà create traditional italian glass mosaics 

The Mosaics Donà Collection celebrates two types of Italian mosaic; glass mosaics developed in Renaissance Venice and enamel micromosaics. From vases to snuffboxes and tables to jewellery, nowhere in the world has a comparable collection.

The beautiful art of mosaics has been practiced in Italy since Roman times using glass made from sand that is especially rich in silicon and pure crystals to ensure highly vivid colors. The time consuming process of melting, pulling, cutting, and shaping the glass is only a part of the skill required to make a single italian mosaic.

This italian mosaic is made completely of the finest Italian Glass Mosaics and was custom designed by our liturgical artist, Stefano Donà. For over a year, this unique piece has been hand set by the finest liturgical designers of Italian Mosaics Donà in Italy