Artistic mosaics artistic mosaics in high quality glass of Murano Venice

Mosaics Donà creates artistic mosaics in glass 

Welcome to Donà Mosaics' website. We are a mosaic artist team that uses high quality glass and other fine materials to create beautiful and unique fine artistic mosaics.  Mosaics are a rich and vibrant art form that can be used in architectural, gallery, home decor and public art venues.  Whether it's one of our designs, or a custom work, Donà's is dedicated to providing quality artistic mosaics in a timely, professional way.

The traditional Byzantine technique of glass artistic mosaics was born in the middle ages and continue in venice untill seventh century. Stefano Donà continues the same noble tradition. The same passion for glass, the same secrets of the trade, help us to create or reproduce the wonderful objects that seem to spring from the hands of Renaissance master artisans.

Artistic mosaics reflect the light 

These artistic mosaics are made of colored glass. They depend on the amount of ambient light and the environment in which they are placed for their character. As the content of the foreground changes, so does the appearance of the artistic mosaic. Its virtual image, the image you see in a glass, changes accordingly. Even small ones make the light dance.
Since the artistic mosaics are made of small glass, they reflect the light, known as a virtual image. Like other reflective surfaces, the visual elements change according to the amount of light in the foreground and the character of their surroundings. However, because of the variegation of the glass surface, one's attention is drawn to the artistic mosaic, not to foreground reflections. They shine in direct sun, but possess a luminescent quality even in dim light.