▪ Annealing furnace

Furnace in which glass plated become cool slowly.

▪ Cartellina

Thin layer of glass obtained for blowing. It serves in order to protect the leaf of gold in the mosaic gold.

▪ Crogiolo - Pot

Container, in refractory material, used for the fusion of the glass.

▪ Fusion

Process of transformation in glass of the vetrificabile mixture. Such process happens to high temperature, beyond the 1000 degrees.

▪ Gold leaf

Sheet of thin gold used between the cartellina and the support in the mosaic gold.

▪ Melting furnace

Furnace in mattoni, fed with gas methane, in which are placed the "crogioli" for the fusion of the glass.

▪ Micromosaic

Mosaic composed by small "tessere" obtained from the "filato" (thin rods of glass).

▪ Mosaic

Collection of elements, calls "tessere", that constitute the musiva work.

▪ Plate

Pizza of glass of round or oblong shape obtained from the glass fused by a press or a seam.

▪ Refractory

Material that can resist to the heat without becoming deformed or corroding.

▪ Smalto

Colored, generally opaque, glass adapted to the decoration and the covering.

▪ Tessera

Small piece of glass, with regular shape, used for the realization of mosaics. It is obtained from the plates by means of several cuts.