▪ Annealing furnace

Furnace in which glass plated become cool slowly.

▪ Cartellina

Thin layer of glass obtained for blowing. It serves in order to protect the leaf of gold in the mosaic gold.

▪ Crogiolo - Pot

Container, in refractory material, used for the fusion of the glass.

▪ Fusion

Process of transformation in glass of the vetrificabile mixture. Such process happens to high temperature, beyond the 1000 degrees.

▪ Gold leaf

Sheet of thin gold used between the cartellina and the support in the mosaic gold.

▪ Melting furnace

Furnace in mattoni, fed with gas methane, in which are placed the "crogioli" for the fusion of the glass.

▪ Micromosaic

Mosaic composed by small "tessere" obtained from the "filato" (thin rods of glass).

▪ Mosaic

Collection of elements, calls "tessere", that constitute the musiva work.

▪ Plate

Pizza of glass of round or oblong shape obtained from the glass fused by a press or a seam.


Filigree Coloured rods encased in clear glass that makes the inner colours to show up, used by glass masters to create refined and valuable objects. The Filigree colour range includes both transparent and opaque colours and also the amazing brown and blue avventurina, for which the outside clear surface makes its characteristic brightness even more brilliant. Filigrees are around 1 meter long, provided in bundles of 10kgs per colour and size, or in cut form (3/4mm high) in 5kgs bags including assorted colours. Filigree is provided in sizes going from 4-5mm up to 12-13mm; smaller and bigger sizes may be produced upon customer's request.

▪ Refractory

Material that can resist to the heat without becoming deformed or corroding.

▪ Smalto

Colored, generally opaque, glass adapted to the decoration and the covering.

▪ Tessera

Small piece of glass, with regular shape, used for the realization of mosaics. It is obtained from the plates by means of several cuts.