1-We are only in Murano. Factory and Shop. We don' t produce in other sites or abroad. We make glass and sell only from Murano.
2- We are an handicraft.
3 We are complete. We make Smalti, Gold, Transparent and Filato.
4- We are producers. All the phases from the fusion of glass to the glass cutting are made by us. All from the first to the latest. In MURANO.

1. Fusion of the glass

The glass is obtained for fusion of raw materials such as sand, hard, coloring and opacifying lime and oxides.

The transformation of the mixture from powder to glass happens in the furnace to temperatures that arrive until 1450°.

2. Production of plates

The ready glass comes removed warm from the furnace with one "spoon" and pressed.

After it is pressed, the glass comes place in a furnace of re-cooking for being carried slowly to room temperature

3. Plates in stock 

The plates, after are exited from the re-cooking furnace, are put in the warehouse, ready for being sold or cut