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DONA’s family produces smalti and golds for mosaics since 1926.

Stefano Donà, the owner, combines the experience in glass production of the Donà’s family with his technical and artistic knowledge in chemical and architecture studies.

  1. The firm of Beniamino Donà (Stefano’s great-grandfather) dates back to 1926. Here, Ugo Donà (Stefano Donà’s grandfather) started to produce smalti and golds for mosaic together with a few workers of Lorenzo Radi, once he took over his tools.
  2. It was Ugo Donà who developed the ability to stabilize the glass after the changing of raw materials, between 1800 and 1900. After more than 300 tests and not less than 9 daily meltings, he obtained in 1939 the DIRECT RED with SOLFOSELENIURO OF CADMIUM.
  3. In 1950 Ugo Donà and the oldest of his sons, Fernando,  founded a new company and involved his other sons, including Francesco, Stefano’s father;
  4. In 1978 the company set up changes and Ugo Donà’s sons, among of which there is Francesco, become partners of the company “Ugo Donà e Figli S.N.C.”;
  5. In 1990, after the winding up of the company “Ugo Donà e Figli S.N.C.”, Francesco Donà (1940-1995) founds a new company “Vetreria Francesco Donà” and shows the glass techniques and teaches the passion for glass to his son Stefano to allow him to continue the activity begun from his father Ugo.
MOSAICI DONA’ MURANO di Donà Stefano was founded in 1994 and it’s in Murano, Fondamenta Venier, 38/a.
MOSAICI DONA’ MURANO di Donà Stefano produces

- Smalti (thousand of colours and qualities)
- Golds (34 colours and qualities)
- Transparents (100 colours)
- Aventurine (brown and blue)
- Malachite stellata (green and blue)
- Chalcedony (infinite colours)
- Anime colorants-opacifiers (lemon, orange, brown, leek-green, etc.)
- Corpi (opacifiers for the glass)
and any other kind of artistic glass.

Now, Donà Stefano uses the ancient glass production techniques and continues the manual methods in all production stages (using no automation or robotics) both for the production and the cutting of his smalti, transparent and gold tiles, that’ s why it is possible to produce only a few thousands kilos of glass and a few hundred kilos of gold tiles each month.

We are proud to declare that MOSAICI DONA’ MURANO di Donà Stefano is unique of its kind.

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